CARING at Columbia
uses art to help inner city children develop and strengthen their coping skills.
Tasks to facilitate emotional expression
are taught by creative arts specialists and psychiatry residents.
CARING helps children
exposed to social stress identify and build their personal strengths.
Painting, sculpture, drama, music, and dance
are used to help children learn to think and talk about their feelings.

About Us

For over 25 years, CARING at Columbia has been reaching out to New York City’s most vulnerable children and families, helping them to cope with stress, express their feelings, and strengthen important bonds through creative art and play. We invite you to join us today in our ongoing efforts to promote the mental health of at-risk children in our communities. No donation is too small, and almost all of your donation will go directly to CARING’s unique programming. Your tax-deductible donation is deeply appreciated.

CARING Needs Your Help

Contact Us

1051 Riverside Drive, Unit 74
New York, NY 10032

phone: 646 774 5792
fax: 646 774 5880